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Generation Digitisation

Philipp Rocholl leads his company into a digital future

Philipp Rocholl leads his company into a digital future Family businesses like Rocholl are passed down from generation to generation. In 2021, Philipp Rocholl took over the management of the GmbH in the third generation. He has already been working there as a business manager since 2016. Of course, he was able to take over many of his predecessors' achievements, but his time also brought its own challenges.

Digitalisation is particularly important for the 36-year-old: "There are two main drivers for us - but actually for all SMEs. Firstly, there is the really dramatic shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry. We have to become much more attractive for candidates, and secondly, we have to work much more efficiently. Secondly, this efficiency can only be made possible through digitalised processes."

Digitisation is a matter for the boss

For Rocholl, it quickly became clear that he wanted to take care of it himself. "Initially, it was mainly the operational implementation of the digital agenda that was in my hands. As managing director, I mainly look for synergies - from the interaction of those tools that we use very successfully," Philipp reports. This primarily included the creation of digital and efficient processes. Now, after 4 years, his efforts have paid off: Every month, the company saves around 150 euros in paper costs and 20 hours for the transmission of working time.

"We can use the freedom we have gained very well. For example, when looking for skilled workers."

First research, then implementation

After the extensive preliminary work and research, it was clear to Philipp Rocholl that he wanted a cloud-based system that was flexible and could be implemented quickly. In 2018, the first decision was then made in favour of Personio. "The implementation went smoothly within a few weeks. Of course, entering the master data was a crunchy operational task - but that's the case with every tool." Molteo was then added at the end of 2019.

Simple, automated and fast

"We chose Molteo because it is easy to use. So the employees have much less effort," Philipp Rocholl recalls. He illustrates this with the example of recording hours. "The foreman records the working hours of the team and the equipment used on the construction site via smartphone or tablet in Molteo. This information flows via interfaces into two systems. Once into our ERP system for post-calculation, with which we carry out the controlling on the construction site simply and securely. And of course directly to Personio, from where the preparatory payroll accounting is created. No one intervenes manually in this automated process, we only check the hours. This is the extreme simplification of a cross-departmental and location-independent process. Our pace on site has thus become much faster."

Finding skilled workers

Philipp Rocholl has accepted the challenge of digitalisation and mastered it together with his team. Next on the managing director's agenda is the shortage of skilled workers. According to the German Construction Industry Federation (Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e.V.), the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry has become the biggest business risk. At the beginning of 2021, 67 % of construction companies named this as a risk to their own economic development in the DIHK survey. At the beginning of 2010, by contrast, only 21 % did so.

"We are also feeling this. Above all, we notice that you have to react incredibly quickly and offer simple ways to get in touch," Rocholl summarises. That's why we have also had a presence on Crafthunt since August 2022. On the new global platform, workers and construction companies come together easily and free of charge. "Since Crafthunt also translates directly, we also hope to get in touch with skilled workers from other countries," explains the managing director.

About Rocholl. Rocholl Garten-, Landschafts-, Sportplatz- und Tiefbau GmbH stands for reliability, modernity and efficiency. For more than 70 years, the family-owned company has been working according to these maxims. The company values consistency and cultivates long-term partnerships - with employees, customers and suppliers. Should unforeseeable incidents occur during projects, Rocholl is a problem solver and manages complications aside through its experience and closely-knit network.

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