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Mastering digitalisation together

Construction company Greve has grown from a 4-man operation to a company with 127 employees within one generation

Today, almost every entrepreneur faces the important and urgent task of digitising their company. If you don't do it, you burden your successors with it or you reduce the value of your company if you want to sell it. So the need is undeniable. But how do you start? Matthias Greve started with exactly the right thing: the team.

Digitisation is a team thing

It quickly became clear that the "digitalisation project" could not be managed by one person alone. Matthias Greve chose his employees carefully. The team includes commercial manager André Vogt, office administrator Christin Hansen and site manager Cord Witte. As a final push towards digitalisation, Matthias Greve had read an article in the Schleswiger Nachrichten. "Jonas Stamm digitises construction sites" was the headline. That was exactly what the company from Twedt needed. A first appointment was quickly made and the planning began.

1 day of working time saved per week

The first thing Greve did was to digitalise the time recording. Previously, all site managers had to fill out timesheets for their teams and physically bring them to the office. There, the slips were painstakingly typed out page by page by personnel clerk Anke Ottsen. This not only cost a lot of time, but was above all an unnecessary source of errors. "In the past, it took us about 1 to 1.5 days to type up all the timesheets. Thanks to Molteo, we save that completely", estimates Christin Hansen. Cord Witte is particularly pleased about two things. "Firstly, Molteo is super simple. It can be operated intuitively," says the 57-year-old. "Secondly, we don't have to go to the office to hand in the slips. We can use the time better," says the site manager.

Simple construction diary.

"Saving time" and "easy to use" are also the two main features of the construction diary. "The way it worked for us was that the site managers took photos with digital cameras. Later, when they were in the office, they transferred the photos to the computer and assigned them to the project from there," describes André Voigt. "It was also quite exhausting when we once had an enquiry about a construction site that we had completed years ago. Then we had to search for the right folder in all our files. A digital solution would have saved us a lot of time," says the 49-year-old. With Molteo, documenting construction is as easy as taking photos. The pictures, taken with a mobile phone or tablet, can be directly assigned to the project. Including date and location, of course.

Next project: Digital planning

Currently, Gerd Buus plans the personnel and material for the construction sites. With an Excel spreadsheet and, above all, a "printed wallpaper", he is the control centre of the almost 130-man company. But what will happen when the dispatcher retires? His representatives already notice that he has a lot of things "simply in his head". Of course, this is not a system for the future. That is why Molteo is now to be used step by step. The advantage of this is that decentralised planning, which is always accessible to everyone via the app, can save travel time to the company. This is good for the environment and the wallet.

About Greve Erich Greve GmbH & Co KG, founded in 1967 by Erich Greve, has its headquarters in Twedt, between Schleswig and Kappeln on the B201. In civil engineering, the largest division with around 100 employees, the following are among the main tasks: Development of residential and commercial areas as well as sewer construction, renovation and road construction. Other references are inner-city civil engineering, the construction of service roads, the paving of squares, excavation of houses and various maintenance work. A further 27 employees now work in structural engineering.

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