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A simple app for clever craftsmen

Compile timesheets without stress and simultaneously show the world where you're an expert.


I appreciate the ease of use and intuitive use of the software. Since I'm using Molteo, I can showcase what I accomplished and get the office people to recognize it!

Bennet Petersen

Foreman, Sievers Bau

More overview. Less paperwork. Quicker documentation.

With Molteo, excel documents, paper and long telephone calls are things of the past. All you need is always available on you tablet or smartphone. The app's handling is very easy - you neither need a manual nor an instruction.

A better way to manage construction.


Molteo is specifically developed for the building industry. Toghether with professionals from deep mining, building or road construction and garden landscaping, we have developed the best solution for you.


You don't need a manual or elaborate training for Molteo. Everyone can easily understand our app.


Time registration or vacation requests are done by one click. And automatically transmitted to you colleagues for approval.


Take pictures with your tablet easily, add a few words, and the site diary is complete.

Why should I register for Molteo?

You certainly don't want to do paperwork or other time killing tasks. We neither. With Molteo, just pull out your smartphone, and you can then focus back on the site.

Simply submit working time and vacation

You only need a tablet, smartphone or PC, nothing else!

Fast recording

You can easily record your working hours or absences for one or more days. You don't need to fill out any more slips of paper and then bring them to the office.

Vacation requests via app

You can plan your vacation directly via your cell phone and submit it with just one click. You no longer have to go to the office.

Accurate insight into confirmed hours by the office

You can save the way to the office: With Molteo, you always know about the current status of your hours entry or requests. You don't have to worry about your slips arriving correctly at the office anymore.

Direct transmission to accounting

Simple and fast dialogues

Always well informed

You can display the exact things that are most important to you on your home screen. So you have all relevant information at a glance.


On Sunday evening, you already know what to expect next week. You don't need to go to the office to look for your work location on the planning board.

Everywhere and everytime

Molteo works everywhere, with and without internet. So you can get an overview at any time.

Recognition of your achievment

Get a lot done today? Reached a milestone? Take a quick photo and show what you've accomplished in your site feed. Your colleagues, bosses and customers will be pleased. And at the same time, you keep a perfect construction diary.

Everything with one device

Everyone is up to date

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