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LohnabrechnungRechnungsstellungOn-Premise (Legacy)

The most important thing for your payroll accounting is correct payroll in accordance with applicable law. You can rely on SBS Lohn. The system places great emphasis on automations, which make payroll easier for you and significantly reduce the time required. Another plus are various construction wage automations that simplify complex construction accounting.

How the integration with Molteo works

Set up your wage settings once, and the exports to SBS will function right out the box. With Molteo, all hours including sickness, vacation, school and more are exported in simple file, that can be directly imported in SBS.

Prerequisites for the interface:

A one time set up of wage types and roles in Molteo is required.

When exporting, all you need to do, is enter your company ID and a file will be created in the correct .dat format.

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