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The digital tool and the first choice forContractors:

  • Finally, the app your employees use voluntarily

  • Save around 75% of office time

  • Say goodbye to pen and paper

Digital. Construction. Together

Rated 5 stars by construction managers & foremen.

Keep track of all construction projects with Molteo - easily and digitally.


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We can use the freedom we have gained with Molteo very well. For example, in the search for skilled workers.

Philipp Rocholl
Philipp Rocholl
CEO at Rocholl Garten-, Landschafts-, Sportplatz- und Tiefbau GmbH
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Thanks to the construction site documentation via Molteo, we have all important data, such as photos, work carried out, hours worked and weather data, at a glance.

Frank Sievers
Frank Sievers
CEO at Baugeschäft Sievers GmbH & Co. KG

Everything in view - everything under control

Molteo is your digital workplace. Our intuitive software & app supports you in personnel planning, time recording, construction documentation and project planning.

With our easy-to-use software & app, you have a real-time overview of your projects at all times. Through our cloud-based solution, you can collaboratively schedule staff and equipment. And, of course, intuitively record time, material and equipment expenditures from anywhere.

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The most important functions at a glance

Whether you're a technical pro or a digital beginner - with Molteo, you'll be up and running in no time. Our playful approach inspires young and old alike. Your team does not need extensive training or long familiarization periods.

Clear operational planning

Finally, no more overlapping staff scheduling, copied Excel files or poorly transportable planning boards. Molteo enables you to collaborate digitally in real time from anywhere and on any device.

Work simultaneously regardless of location and device

Easy scheduling of employees and equipment

Intuitive time tracking

You only need a tablet, smartphone or PC, nothing else! Editing individual hours is just as easy as entering entire columns.

Create timesheets and weekly reports in one swipe

Foremen and supervisors can collectively record work time for multiple employees The hours are instantly synchronized with all other devices in the company Your entire company saves valuable time!

Quick target/actual comparison on the web or mobile

Get instant daily visibility into the progress of your projects. You no longer have to wait until the end of the week or month.

Automatic construction reports as newsfeed

Synchronizing construction plan updates, tedious searching for photos of construction progress or the latest delivery bills is a thing of the past. You can give your architects and builders access to real-time updates, if desired.

Wage output, material and equipment expenses booked directly

Automatic PDF creation & builder newsfeed

Simple construction schedule

After you have created your project, you can see directly whether the required employees are available at the planned time. If they are not available, you can directly plan construction breaks. In addition, our planning tool offers a direct target/actual comparison. Negative surprises at the end of the project are now a thing of the past.

Construction scheduling, resource planning and resource planning fully linked

Keep track of your available workers and equipment at all times during planning. See when other trades are taking action.

Real-time project status through linked resource tracking

Forget about manually entering timesheets. The recorded hours are directly credited to your calculated budget.

Coordinate your construction projects smarter!

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