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The construction site under control

Molteo is the right tool for every foreman. Why? Because it makes office work easier and every foreman has more time for the essentials.

Time recording for the whole crew is done with one click, and the construction diary created with just a cell phone - digital camera and paper can stay at home.


I now always have my tablet with me on the construction site. I use it to take photos and archive them directly.

Bennet Petersen

Foreman, Baugeschäft Sievers GmbH & Co. KG

More overview. Less office work. Faster documentation.

With Molteo, Excel files, paper or phone calls from behind are a thing of the past. Everything you need is always with you on your tablet or cell phone. The software is so easy to use that you don't need a manual or extensive training.

A better way to manage construction.


Molteo was developed specifically for the construction industry. Together with foremen and site managers from the building, civil engineering, road construction and landscaping industry, we have designed the best solution for the industry.


For Molteo you don't need a manual, nor extensive training. The app and your way of using it can be understood by everyone very easily.


Simply take photos with the tablet, add a few keywords and the construction diary is ready.


Record the working hours of your whole crew with one click. Your boss will thank you for the up-to-date information and your employees for the time you spend on site.

Less office work

The construction site is going well. The team is satisfied. Could everything be great, if it weren't for the annoying office work? Molteo cuts office work by more than half - promised.

Personalized overview of employees and equipment on your construction site

The app shows you your very own construction site with the employees, equipment and machines used.

Realtime Measurements

You immediately recognize which team is on duty at your construction site

Quick target/actual comparison on the web or mobile

The software gives you automatic reports when your employees are sick or on vacation.

Good insight into construction site relevant documents and contacts

Finally, no more overlapping staff scheduling, copied Excel files or poorly transportable planning boards. Molteo enables you to collaborate digitally in real time from anywhere and on any device.

All data in one place

Individual Adjustments

Fast Registration

Working hours, equipment and material consumption can be recorded in a jiffy and with just a few clicks.

Integration with salary & accounting

You can enter a column of 7 employees with devices in one minute and assign them directly to the cost center.

Automatic Reporting

Molteo creates automatic weekly or monthly reports.

Construction site related filing system for the construction diary

Photos and notes on construction progress can be captured quickly and easily with Molteo.

Everything with one device

Coordinate your construction projects smarter!

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