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Fast processing without paperwork

With Molteo you can process the recorded working times directly for payroll accounting or invoicing. Thereby you do without the annoying paperwork and save valuable time.


Since we have been using Molteo, we are not only able to plan more effectively, but also save time on payroll.

Nils Autzen

CEO at Horst Dieter Autzen GmbH

More collaboration. More overview. Less stress.

With Molteo you have to bother with less Excel files, paper or phone calls.

A better way to manage construction.


Molteo updates all data in real time. This allows you to respond immediately to any question or order.


The recorded working times of your colleagues are the basis of your work. This eliminates the need for manual typing into the system and eliminates a possible error rate.


With Molteo, all employees are pulling in the same direction. All data and figures are in one place and you can access them anytime and anywhere.


Although Molteo updates all values automatically, you always have the possibility to customize them for your purposes and needs for further processing.

Fast communication. Simple processes. More time.

With Molteo you have to bother with less Excel files, paper or phone calls.

See from whom the hours are missing

Your employees' absences are automatically determined based on their time recording.

Employees are reminded regularly

If construction workers' timesheets are incomplete, they will be reminded periodically to record their hours.

You have daily insight and can ask questions in time (e.g. via chat)

Real-time insight allows you to respond quickly to situations and questions. Molteo's chat feature is the easiest way to communicate with your colleagues or the manager.

You have the final say by confirming the hours

They are the last instance before invoicing and payroll and check whether the data is suitable for your further processing.

Recognize supplements easily

Deviations from the construction target, such as additional work, changed deadlines or a delayed start of construction, are immediately apparent.

See what tasks are performed

See if calculated approaches were correct

Reports in the form and format you need

All evaluations and reports can be adapted to your requirements and needs.

Export consumed resources

The consumption of material is recorded in Molteo. You can easily export the data for invoicing or other purposes.

Insight into the overtime, deposits and withdraw of hours

In the overtime of construction workers, you can see whether personnel have been scheduled sufficiently or too generously for a project. This allows you to make adjustments immediately.

Timesheets, weekly reports and project evaluations in one click

The clear presentation of our app and software allows you to create all evaluations quickly and easily.

No duplicate maintenance through integrations to financial, ERP and payroll accounting

Finally, no more overlapping staff scheduling, copied Excel files or poorly transportable planning boards. Molteo enables you to collaborate digitally in real time from anywhere and on any device.

Interfaces to industry solutions for master data maintenance and post calculation

Prepared data for payroll accounting

Coordinate your construction projects smarter!

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