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All projects at a glance

Molteo allows you to manage all construction sites in detail and with overview. You only need to open the app on your smartphone or tablet and you are already up to date. Also the communication with the customers or architects runs almost automatically thanks to the integrated newsfeed.


Molteo has made it possible to free up valuable working time that I can now use in other ways.

Thore Stamm

Construction Engineer at Johannssen Straßen-, Hoch- & Tiefbau GmbH

More overview. Faster reaction. Less stress.

With Molteo, Excel files, paper or phone calls from behind are a thing of the past. No more abandoned notes in the company car. One app, one software - all information - at any time.

A better way to manage construction.


Molteo was developed specifically for the construction industry. Together with foremen, foremen and site managers from the building, civil engineering, road construction and landscaping industry, we have designed the best solution for the industry.


You never have to wait to enter timesheets or weekly reports again. With Molteo you have instant access to all data.


Molteo becomes your digital workplace. Here you and your employees will find all the information you need. From the current construction plans, to the deployment planning, to the customer's contact data.


For Molteo you don't need a manual, nor extensive training. The app and your way of using it can be understood by everyone very easily.

The office in your hand

The plan rolled up under your arm, the phone number on the slip of paper on the dashboard and the planning board in the office? No more of that. With Molteo, you always have all the important information with you - on your mobile device.

Quick overview of the construction site crew

Who works where with whom? Which bricklayer can quickly help out on the new construction site? Molteo gives you the full overview - on our map as well as clearly in a table.

Create timesheets and weekly reports in one swipe

Foremen and supervisors can collectively record work time for multiple employees The hours are instantly synchronized with all other devices in the company Your entire company saves valuable time!

Quick target/actual comparison on the web or mobile

Get instant daily visibility into the progress of your projects. You no longer have to wait until the end of the week or month.

Easy insight into the progress of the construction site

Get instant visibility into the progress of your projects. You no longer have to wait until the end of the week or month. And can intervene directly if necessary.

Breakdown of resources into tasks and craft

You only need a tablet, smartphone or PC, nothing else! Editing individual hours is just as easy as entering entire columns.

No more guesswork

Molteo gives you an overview of where the resources are optimally deployed - i.e. whether your project is going well or not.

Act and correct

This makes it easier to identify supplements and compile recalculations.

Automatic weekly reports as PDF or as newsfeed

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use visual communication with builders and architects and save yourself exhausting phone calls or time-consuming on-site appointments.

Coordinate your construction projects smarter!

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