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The app for workers

The right support for both site managers and craftsmen. Molteo takes care of the office work. You take care of the construction site.


I appreciate the ease of use and intuitive use of the software.

Bennet Petersen

Foreman, Sievers Bau

Simple to use. Less office clutter. More fun.

Have you ever lost your timesheet? Forgot to record your working times?

With Molteo this is a thing of the past. The bosses will thank you.

A better way to manage construction.


Together with craftsmen, foremen and site managers Molteo was developed specifically for the construction industry.


For Molteo you don't need a manual or extensive training. Everyone in your crew can begin using it straight away.


Taking pictures, registering time or planning next week's tasks. As easy as sending a photo to a friend.


Record your working time with one click. Your boss will thank you for always being on time.

The perfect tool

The ruler on the right, the hammer on the left and the cell phone in the pocket. You are perfectly equipped. You can relax and say goodbye to time sheets in the car.

Easy Time Registration

You only need a tablet, smartphone or PC, nothing else!

Any place at any time

Stopping by the office to look up which construction site you're going to? That's no longer necessary. One look at the cell phone and the next assignment is clearly available.

Planning schedule

On sunday evening, you already know what to expect next week.

Accurate insight into confirmed hours

Finally, no more missing time sheets, forgetting what you worked on and last second changes


Simple and quick dialogs

Vacation requests via app

Vacation can now also be planned and requested directly via the cell phone. And just like the recorded hours, you also get direct feedback of approved days.

Recognition of contribution through construction site feed

Did you finish a perfect detail today? Did you reach a milestone? Take a short photo and show what you have achieved. Your colleagues, boss and customers will be excited to see your progress.

Coordinate your construction projects smarter!

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