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Electronic lock for the construction site

Is that something for you?

At Molteo, we want to digitalize construction and make your work on construction sites easier. Therefore, we are always looking for new possibilities that help you in your daily work and save valuable time. In the process, we came across akii. Akii is on the move with similar intentions and provides construction sites with an electric locking system. Is this something that might be of interest to you?

The company from Berlin equips all doors in container facilities or buildings with special door locks. A key card or app can then open the locks without an Internet connection. Authorizations for these "digital keys" can be assigned decentrally and flexibly. This is intended to replace the classic key box in which all individual keys are stored and managed.


For a trial period of three months, €28 per month is charged for one lock and the software. For a rental period of 6 to 12 months, €39 per lock and month will be charged. From 24 months rental period it is €28 per lock and month.

You can also buy the locks and pay only the software monthly. This variant you would have to coordinate individually with akii.

Here you can get more information and contact: akii Website

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